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China Truck Markets Gloomy from Jan to June 2012



     1,747,231 cargo vans were sold in the first half year, down 11.92%, in which, 1,384,721 complete cargo vans, 107,832 semi-trailer tractors and 254,678 truck chassis were sold, down 6.96%, 21.64% and 28.83%. 

371,605 heavy-duty cargo vans were sold in the first half year, down 31.62%, and 139,880 medium trucks were sold, down 8.83%, 955,825 light trucks were sold, down 6.53%, 279,921 mini trucks were sold, down 5.92%. 

Sales of trucks are closely related with general economy, and in China, economy is mainly driven by investment, consumption and exports, however, all of the three factors are rather weak this year, which directly causes the sliding sales of trucks. 


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