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Excvavtor Suddenly burning all the customers of Breakfast shop were scared away


News, Sep16th.
   At 8:am .This morning,in the Gao Qiao market Tang Xiao Jun is Selling break fast , suddenly he heard"Burning , Burning "he run out of the shop , find one excvavtor is emerging black smoke ,soon after,a group fire rush from the engine cover of the excvavtor, the flames jump about 4 meters high, all the customers went away as they afraid explode. Then the fire flremen came and put out the fire nearly 10 minutes. The excvavtor has been burned to a empty shell. The excvavtor boss told the reporter, "he bought the excvavtor 7 years ago from Japan,it was original imported from Japan, he spent more 500 thousands . But how unfortunately , he didnot buy the insurance for the excvavtor, he have to sell it as the scrap iron now "


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