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Production and Sales Statistics of Diesel Engines in June, 2013


 In June of 2013, the total number of vehicles made in China is 1674181 units, up by 9.33%; the total number of vehicles sold is 1754084 units, down by 0.42%. in the first half of the year, number of vehicles produced and sold is 10751683 units and 10782270 units respectively, up by 12.83% and 12.34%.

The number of vehicle use diesel engine produced and sold is 261403 and 283344 respectively. In the first hal of the year, the number is 1939237 and 1952932 respectively, up by 10.865 and 6.6%.

According to the listing, the top ten diesel engine makers are Yuchai, Weichai, FAW, Quanchai, JMC, DFM, BAIC, Laidong, Yunnei and Chaochai. The number of production is 48653, 40531, 32849, 29927, 17397, 14778, 11927, 10860, 10420 and 8965. Their shares in the domestic market is 18.61%, 15.51%, 12.57%, 11.45%, 6.66%, 5.65%, 4.56%, 4.15%, 3.99% and 3.43%. The total production number of the above mentioned companies is 226307, accounting for 86.57% of the domestic market.

As to the statistics of the first half of the year, Yuchai, Weichai, Quanchai, FAW, JMC, Yunnei, DFM, Laidong, Foton and Chaochai rank top ten of the industry, with production number stands at 377731, 283416, 252329, 222428, 113826, 108870, 90925, 87159, 78020 and 72700 respectively. Their shares in the market is 19.48%、14.61%、13.01%、11.47%、5.87%、5.61%、4.69%、4.49%、4.02%、3.75%.

About sales number, Yuchai, Weichai, FAW, Quanchai, JMC, Yunnei, DFM, Foton, Laidong, Chaochai ranks top ten, with their sales number being 54216、42982、36427、30255、17566、16694、14833、12115、11399、9554. their shares in the market is 19.20%、15.22%、12.90%、10.72%、6.22%、5.91%、5.25%、4.29%、4.04%、3.38%. the ten companies are responsible for 87.14% of markets shares.


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